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What are your Design Task Turnaround Times?

How fast is your service?

How fast we turnaround your design request depends upon:

1. How long you and your designer have been working together (as we get to know your needs, we can get the work done more quickly)
2. How many active requests you currently have in the queue
3. The complexity of your request

You will be assigned a dedicated designer who will work on your account every business day they are needed. They will tackle your requests in the order they are received. If they are already working on several requests, or if one request is particularly complex, then it will take them longer.

To get the most from our service we’d recommend that you plan ahead and submit your requests in the order in which you need them.

As a rule of thumb this service is not designed for design requests that have short deadlines. However, we try to be flexible, so clients that have successfully completed a number of requests and have developed a good working relationship with their designer can – on occasion – make requests to accommodate sensitive timelines.

If you are thinking of using our service and have a design request that is needed urgently we recommend that you use your existing design resource eg: a local freelancer or agency.

To get the most from our service and to ensure the quality and consistency of our deliverables plan ahead.

The sooner you get signed up, the sooner we can get to work!

The best bet is to sign up for our service, test us out and see if we’re valuable! If we are great! If you decide our service doesn’t provide the value you’re expecting, you can get a full refund within the first 14-days.