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Selecting the right colour palette

Selecting the right colour palette for your business

So, you’re ready to brief your designer. What you get back from them is often as good as the information you provide. Developing a simple style guide helps ensure that the designs produced are consistent with your business colourways, imagery and tone of voice. At Designs Unlimited we have a simple brand guidelines briefing document as part of our on-boarding process. It can save hours of time and ensure your designer has the best possible chance of producing a design that you’ll be delighted with.

Colour plays an important part in this process. In this post we look at the primary colour options available, as a resource for you to browse and review, so you can share your preferences with your designer.

Take a look at the colour options below and make a note of the HEX colour and RGB (Red, Green and Blue) colour references of the colour palette that works for your brand. You can save these colour preferences in the branding guidelines section of your online portal.










If these don’t give you inspiration, take a look at the following resources to determine the colour palette you want your designer to use.

Colour Picker

Colour Scheme Generator