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We’ve put together a list of typical questions we get asked about our service, which should answer any remaining questions that you may have. If you can’t find the answer here, call us and one of our friendly team will be happy to explore whether we are a fit for your business.

What does unlimited really mean?

Exactly that! You can send us unlimited design requests and we’ll work our way through them as quickly as possible. You pay a fixed price no matter how often you use us.

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How does your 14-day guarantee work?

We offer a 14-day risk free 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee covers the first 2 design requests within the first 14 days. If you are dissatisfied with the first two designs we produce for you, simply let us know within the first 14 days to qualify for a full...

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How fast do you turn around design requests?

We work in next business day creative rounds. Every request or revision will take at least 1 business day – sometimes more. Our typical turnaround is 2 to 3 working days. Simple jobs get completed faster than complex ones. Multiple requests will take longer than 1...

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What if I don’t approve a design?

To ensure quality and consistency we follow a strict design process and handle all requests in the order in which we receive them, unless you tell us otherwise. When we submit artwork to you, we either need feedback, with any required changes, or your approval. If we...

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I regularly need fast turnarounds. Is this for me?

We work quickly – but if you regularly need to turnaround projects in the same day we recommend that you use your existing agency or local freelancer. To ensure quality and consistency we follow a strict design process and handle all requests in the order in which we...

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What are Adobe Files?

The Designs Unlimited design team use Adobe design packages to create original artwork. If you need access to the original artwork files that’s ok. Just let you designer know which files you need and we’ll supply them to you.

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Animated graphics, are they included?

We don't include complex animation or video. However, we are happy to include simple animated graphics; which work particularly well on web pages and with social media. Please bear in mind that animated graphics (gifs), comprise of multiple layers. So if there are...

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How many hours design can we expect each month?

We don't impose a set amount of hours each month per client. Instead, our design team work their way through the tasks that have been allocated to them and endeavour to get tasks completed as quickly as possible and to produce a regular flow of work back to each...

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Can I call / speak my designer?

We keep our prices low by providing an online solution and maximising our production time. We love our customers, but time spent on the phone means less time spent actually working on design briefs. As a general rule of thumb, if the design is complex and cannot be...

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Do you provide support for languages other than English?

All our designers are native English speakers. However, provided that you can supply the brief in English, we can produce designs for any language. We would need you to supply the wording, that you need incorporating into the design, in the language that you want us...

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We need multiple logins, is that possible?

The designs unlimited service is priced at £299 per user, per month (+vat where applicable). A multi-user subscription enables each user to submit a design request simultaneously and is the perfect solution for a busy marketing team where each marketer has regular...

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Do you handle emergency requests?

We work in next business day creative rounds. Every request or revision will usually take at least 1 business day – sometimes more. Our typical turnaround is 2 to 3 working days. Simple jobs get completed faster than complex ones. Multiple requests will take longer...

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How does a design request work?

We have an efficient design process and allocate new design requests the next business day. Qualifying design requests must be made using our online design request form on our website or via your client portal. The process begins once a request is...

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I have regular short deadlines. Is this for me?

If you have a graphic design need that fits within the scope of our work, you should be able to easily explain your requirements using our design request form. If your task needs a phone call, a meeting, our advice or guidance, or has a tight deadline, it’s almost...

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Who is the service for?

There are very few limitations on who and how you can use our Designs Unlimited service. Our service is designed for people like you – marketers, entrepreneurs and start-ups who need the flexibility and cost-price certainty of a responsive, professional graphic design...

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What is my contractual commitment?

No contacts, no long term tie-ins With Designs Unlimited you are not tied into a long term contract. If you sign up for our monthly plan, you’ll be billed monthly and can cancel anytime. If you sign up for an annual plan (saving you 10% - contact us if this is of...

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