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We work alongside your existing design resource and handle the essential everyday design tasks that have a habit of running away with your time and budget.

Introducing our Client Hub!

We’re here for you, ready to design all those essential everyday graphic design requirements that you need to promote your business. A modern marketing orientated business needs an ever increasing array of graphics to support their business, display advertising, social media marketing and more. We’ll get all of these produced for you within one flat-rate fee. But we don’t design websites, landing pages, email marketing campaigns or complex graphic requirements.

Designs Unlimited is an online design service. We keep our fees low by streamlining the design process…

Original logos

We don’t design unique logos or branding projects, but we will amend, resize or re-purpose your existing one.

Complex Graphics

We don’t design complex photoshop graphics. But will design social media graphics, display ads and more

HTML, CSS, Web Design

We don’t design and build websites, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, IOS or Android Apps.

Multi-page Projects

We don’t design complex, multi-page, copy-heavy, magazine type layouts. As a rule of thumb, 4 page projects are our limit.

It's common sense really, but just in case, these are other projects we don't support...

Video or motion graphics

Large (4+ pages) indesign projects / presentations

Complex illustrations

Complex photo manipulation

Original infographics

Programming or coding

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