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How many hours design can we expect each month?

We don’t impose a set amount of hours each month per client. Instead, our design team work their way through the tasks that have been allocated to them and endeavour to get tasks completed as quickly as possible and to produce a regular flow of work back to each client.

Some clients submit their tasks continually through the month, whilst others submit all their requests at the beginning of each month. The amount of time we spend working for each client will depend upon the number / complexity of requests submitted and our workload with other clients.

We regularly review the design tasks we are working on, to ensure each client gets a fair share of their designers time, so that we can deliver the best possible value for money for all our clients. Typically we find that the majority of our clients are able to get most, if not all, of their design requests completed each month. For other clients, with a large volume of design requests, they opt to take out two or more subscriptions with us to double up the time we are able to spend with them.

Either way, we aim to be flexible and to provide you with a great value service!