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What is the scope of the design service?

What is included in the service?

We accept unlimited design requests for all your essential day to day design needs. This includes any straightforward graphic design request that can be easily explained in an email. All design requests are made via our online design request form and are assigned to your designer the next working day.

To decide if a design request fits within the scope of our work you need to ask yourself if you can reasonably explain what you need in an email. If your task needs a phone call, a meeting, our advice or guidance, or has a tight deadline, it’s almost certainly beyond the scope of what we will deliver.

Here’s just a small selection of the design tasks we will complete for you…

  • display advert design
  • social media advertising graphics
  • website graphics
  • flyers and postcard designs
  • point of sale graphics and posters
  • stationery forms and case study documents
  • google+ post graphics
  • twitter post graphics
  • facebook post graphics
  • pinterest graphics
  • t-shirt graphics
  • promotional items graphics
  • stickers design
  • event flyers

Lets be clear. We are not meant to be a replacement for your existing graphic design agency, freelancer or full-time in-house designer. Instead, we’re here to deliver all those essential day-to-day design tasks that have a habit of eating up your time and budget – but are otherwise straightforward tasks. We don’t design websites, landing pages, email marketing campaigns or complex graphic requirements.

These are the types of request that we do not support…

  • original logos
  • complex graphics
  • html, css, website design
  • multi-page design projects – as a rule of thumb 4 pages is our limit
  • large copy heavy indesign projects or presentations
  • video or motion graphics
  • complex illustrations eg infographics
  • complex photo manipulation
  • website programming or coding

Think you can see how the service will be of use to you? Great! Get started today. No-risk 14-day 100% money back guarantee.